Nikola Tesla’s Free Energy Invention

Nikola Tesla was competing right alongside Thomas Edison for their discovery about electricity to become the choice of the masses. Although both were amazing inventors, Nikola Tesla had learned how to create energy from the air. It’s been a secret that’s been hidden away for a number of years. And for those who were able to learn about his invention, it was too difficult to figure out how to create such a device for yourself.

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However, it is now possible to create and build your own Nikola Tesla free energy generator. And what’s nice is that all the parts you need are available at a retail store such as Home Depot. Even if you’re not mechanically inclined you can still follow the step by step process to creating your own free energy system.

nikola tesla free energy

What’s nice is that once you build your first energy creating device, you’ll have the knowledge and skill to build something larger if you like that can generate even more power and electricity. People are now using Nikola Tesla’s invention to power anything from small electronic devices like cell phones to larger appliances like their washer and dryer.

Whether you’re looking for a way to live off the grid or just save money on your power bill, this free energy system by Nicola Tesla will be the ticket. It’s also works as a great back-up plan should energy prices increase even more, or if there is a power outage you won’t be caught without power.

When you’re starting out, it’s easiest to work with a set of plans to follow. There are various free energy plans out there that people have developed but none work as well or as powerfully as what Nikola Tesla developed. His plans also allow you to scale up. Meaning, you can start very small initially (which is also a lot cheaper), then once you know what you’re doing and you see that this works you can scale up to produce more and more power for yourself.

Nikola TeslaSome people have even got to the point where they are selling power back to the power companies to make a little extra money. So they went from needing energy, to creating their own free energy, to finally having a surplus that they can sell for a nice passive income on the side.

Before Nikola Tesla’s information about free energy became useable, solar panels were one of the best options.  Solar panels are also a green technology is, but they can be difficult to install. However, they are another source of free energy, and so you’ll save money in the long run using them. But they can be extremely expensive, and they can have a limited life expectancy. If you decide to go this route, there are some government incentives for updating your home with solar panels.

Again, this is what make’s building your own energy generator so attractive. They don’t cost much to make and you’re literally pulling energy out of the air. In a way they’re similar to solar panels except you don’t have to rely purely on the sun. You can generate just as much energy on cloudy days as sunny day. So Nikola Tesla’s invention is a much better fit for anyone in any part of the world, not just those in sunny climates.

Free EnergyOnce you learn how to build one for yourself, these also make great gifts for friends or family members. You can even start your own blog, website, or YouTube channel showing people how they can create their own source of electricity for free.

At the moment, you can still access these plans for yourself, but knowing how our government can be they might try and stop this information from being shared. So I think it’s a good idea to at least get the information you need to build your own free energy device while you still can.

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